Folders –
“[Our Conformer mailers] have arrived! And they are simply gorgeous! My dean/boss went nuts. Thank YOU!!!!”
Belinda Clarke, Director of Communications, Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University

 “The folders are working out quite well. They make it so much easier and more attractive to present our materials. I’m sure we will order again. They have been a great solution!”
Margherita Hollenbacher, Office and HR Manager, Aperio Group

 Mailers –
“We provide print and fulfillment services to many major online greeting card retailers, and we needed to ship their low revenue orders as cheaply as possible. For every order in which a Conformer mailer replaces a box, we save about $0.19 in material cost. And our partners are happy too–they save up to $.44 on shipping on smaller orders and liked the mailer itself, a much more professional appearance. ”
Jane Williamson, Print Engineer, Mimeo.com

“With a Conformer mailer, you are intrigued to open it, you want to open it, to see what’s inside. Because it looks like quality on the outside, there’s going to be quality on the inside.”
Hank Brandtjen, President, Brandtjen and Kluge Inc.

 Paperboard Portfolios –
“Conformer’s work on our top level marketing/sales projects have been well-received and more than satisfactory. Through their suggestions, we have saved money and used greener products all within tight timelines and restricted budgets.”
Theresa Lieb, Procurement Specialist, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc.

 “I am extremely satisfied with your products and highly recommend them to any organization that wants to save money, and at the same time improve their professional appearance.”
Jayson Levitz, Facilities & Fulfillment Manager, Sentinel Benefits & Financial Group

 Plastic Portfolios –
“Our Conformer plastic envelopes are perfect for packing up our training materials, and they survive the postal system like no other product we’ve tried. We especially love that they’re recyclable.”
–Nancy Duarte, Duarte, the global presentation company

 “We use your Conformer plastic envelopes to mail our marketing product launch packages several times a year to over 3,000 addresses because they work well with variable sized materials…  I would highly recommend them as a sturdy, clear and green alternative to other mailers.”
-Theresa Lieb, Procurement Specialist, Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc.

“We mailed a half-inch thick catalog of artwork for an exhibition at our gallery in a Conformer recycled milk jug plastic portfolio.  We loved it and our clients loved it.  Aesthetics are our signature — and this package looked terrific.   The books arrived undamaged and because our customers could reuse the portfolio, we reinforced the “green” aspect of our brand.   We sealed the flap with a graphic, over-sized mailing label that further branded our piece and sent it USPS ground.  None of the catalogues got beaten up — none of the mashed corners which you inevitably get if you use a bubble wrap envelope.
Todd Hosfelt, Owner of Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco and New York.

“Anyone who came in contact with the mailing, not just those who received it, visibly saw what was in the package. This gave our image visibility and a branding moment, long before the package was opened,”
Steve Hedderton, Manager, Membership Marketing, Direct Marketing Association (DMA).

Envelopes –
“[Conformer® envelopes are] very well constructed and are thoroughly suited to their task. Their unique structure allows us to maximize pack thickness and minimize damage in the mail stream. They are a good fit all around.”
Richard George, Chief Executive Officer, PFE International.

“The use of the Conformer Envelope definitely makes things a lot easier. It replaced a 9” x 12” envelope.”
Sam Cappellino, Manager of Administrative Services, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Western New York.

“This new design concept, the quality of the product and the overall presentation is definitely deserving of an award…It has changed the standard packaging of our business of 50 years!”
Brian Forsey, Director of Operations for Columbia House Canada.

“The Conformer Envelopes are a fraction of the cost of the vinyl envelopes alone… Conformer Envelopes make ideal packaging for document retention too”
Alison Hickerson, Supply Manager, H&R Block.

A Conformer® Envelope with an addressing window is “definitely a lot more presentable than providing a large number of invoices in a box with a label stuck on.”
Ravi Heeraman, Billing Analyst, Rogers Wireless.

“[You are] able to get more material into a Conformer Envelope, buy less envelopes and get higher productivity”
Dan Flack, Regional Business Director, Pitney Bowes.

“Conformer® Envelopes run on Pitney Bowes equipment as efficiently as traditional flat envelopes. The envelope expands up to ½”, making it an extremely cost effective alternative to hand insertion and gusseted envelopes.”
Brian Wilson, National Business Director for Service Bureau Solutions, Pitney Bowes.

“For the past year since we began working with Conformer® Envelopes, we have been featuring them on our fastest, most capable inserter systems and at our booths at the National Postal Forum and Graph Expo. The patented Conformer Envelopes are a great complement to our leading integrated mail and document management solutions.”
Pat Brand, Vice President, Global Product Management and Marketing, Pitney Bowes.