Conformer Artwork Guidelines

Acceptable Programs, Page Layout, Fonts & Art and File Preparation

Acceptable Programs

Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, QuarkXpress and High-Resolution PDFs

Page Layout

Files must be supplied in the proper template. Place art and type directly in the template or import the template into a new InDesign, QuarkXpress or Illustrator file. For stock items, go to to download the correct template. For custom items, Conformer will provide the correct template.

  • When importing the template, be sure to keep it on a separate layer.
  • Follow the instructions for safety, bleed and no print areas as indicated in the template.

Fonts & Art

  • Fonts: Use only fonts from program list. Do not stylize fonts as bold, italic, etc. Convert Illustrator type to outlines.
  • Images: Hi-resolution images should be 300 dpi CMYK (4C process) or grayscale (halftones or duotones). Do not include images that are 72 dpi or RGB. Save images in .tiff format.
  • Line Art: All line art should be 1200 dpi bitmap.
  • Foil Stamp, Emboss or Deboss Art: Prepare as vector art and convert type to outlines. Place on a separate layer and name accordingly.
  • Spot PMS Colors: When printing spot colors, select PMS colors with the “U” extension if printing on uncoated stock or the “C” extension if printing on coated stock.

File Preparation

  • Output the file at full-size and make a comp to ensure that all elements are printing in the correct places, are backing up correctly and bleed has been added if applicable.
  • Print separations (or plates) to ensure that color break is correct.
  • Make a PDF that shows all layers. (If that’s not possible, color break the PDF by hand using the Comments tool.
  • Collect the file for output to ensure that all art, screen and printer fonts are included, and zip the file. Send the zip file and the PDF to
  • Do not include the PDF in the zip file.

Art prep charges may apply to files not supplied according the above instructions. For more information, contact

Download PDF of Artwork Guidelines