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Colbert Blames USPS’ Bad Business Model on Ben Franklin

Nobody puts it quite like Stephen Colbert.  Needless to say, his take on the USPS financial crisis is quite unique.  He devoted at least half of his show to the topic.  Enjoy his commentary below or read on for the … Continue reading

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USPS Tutorial: How to Save Postage

It’s been four years since the U.S. Postal Service changed its price structure. That doesn’t mean that the USPS has gotten better at explaining its not-so-new rate system to customers. Their website will price your mailing, but won’t give you … Continue reading

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Uncommon Economic Indicators, Post Office Sale?

National Public Radio in NYC has been running a series recently called Uncommon Economic Indicators. Here is an unfortunate sign of the times. The USPS is currently running a summer sale for high volume, high saturation standard mail customers.  Now, … Continue reading

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