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Is E-Marketing Environmentally Friendly? Think Again.

I often hear the “paper is bad for the environment” perspective here in Silicon Valley, home of our West Coast office.   However, the more relevant question might be, “Compared to what?” Unless I missed the memo, sales and marketing … Continue reading

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FAQs: Can I Afford to Buy Eco-Friendly Products?

Many of our clients are surprised to hear that eco-friendly presentation and mailing materials can cost the same or less than unfriendly materials. Unfortunately, the marketplace has been trained to assume that making eco-friendly choices comes at a price.  I’ve seen … Continue reading

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Hall of Shame #9: Bubble Mailers, a Slow Death

I think consumers are smart enough to recognize “greenwashing” when they see it.  Greenwashing, a term whose origin seems derived from “brainwashing,” is when a company spins its product in a way to position it as more eco-friendly than it actually … Continue reading

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Put Your Initials on Conformer’s Interoffice Envelope

Many of you are on environmental task forces charged with the job of implementing reduce, reuse, and recycle practices throughout the office.  The underwhelming interoffice envelope seems to be the latest target, and is clearly in the crosshairs of task forces.  Twice in the … Continue reading

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Buyers Prove More Cost-Conscious than Eco-Conscious

I love trees – don’t get me wrong – but I am just now shaking off my Earth Day media hangover.  My favorite misguided environmental piece argued the environmental impact of bicycle frame materials: specifically, whether carbon fiber was recyclable … Continue reading

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Conformer Plastic Envelope Goes Green

Conformer Products Uses Recycled Milk Jugs to Enhance Envelope Sustainability Great Neck, NY, July 8, 2008 – Conformer Products has just launched its award-winning plastic envelope in 75% post-consumer material—specifically, recycled milk jugs. The recycled material enhances an already environmentally … Continue reading

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