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FAQs: What is FSC- or SFI-Certified Paper?

Since Conformer encourages all of our customers to use environmentally sustainable paper stocks, this question comes up a lot.  What does FSC-certified mean?  Is that the same thing as SFI-certified?  What’s the difference? FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council.  This … Continue reading

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FAQs: Can I Afford to Buy Eco-Friendly Products?

Many of our clients are surprised to hear that eco-friendly presentation and mailing materials can cost the same or less than unfriendly materials. Unfortunately, the marketplace has been trained to assume that making eco-friendly choices comes at a price.  I’ve seen … Continue reading

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New Video – How Conformer Products Work!

I published a new video on the Conformer YouTube channel, How Conformer Products Work! Written, directed, shot and edited by yours truly. [youtube=] So, how did I do? -Bob Makofsky at

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A Paper Bag Is a Great Capacity Mailing Solution

I’m tired of being told a gusseted envelope can expand up to 2” when only the top half of the envelope can really make this claim.  This mailing solution, with its accordion-like folds along the sides, does not have uniform … Continue reading

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