Add Value to a Presentation Folder with Foil Stamped Artwork

Adding value to a presentation folder is as easy as adding foil stamped artwork or text.  Foil stamping your company’s logo, street address or website address on the cover of the folder presents your product or service in a professional light. It’s a great way to set your business apart from your competitors.  Foil stamping is also cost-effective, as it’s typically less expensive than printing.  It’s also more durable and will hold up better if the folder will be handled frequently.

Foils are available in metallic and non-metallic colors.  The color you choose usually depends on the image you want to project.  For example, accountants and attorneys typically choose metallic foils on darker colored paper because it’s an elegant and classic look.  Small businesses looking to project a more playful image typically choose non-metallic foils on lighter colored papers.  Check out the available foils and paper colors here.

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About Bob Makofsky

Bob runs operations and marketing and is Conformer’s resident postal expert. Bob has over a dozen years of entrepreneurial experience in the technology industry, in both marketing and business development roles ranging from negotiating $100 million-plus contracts nationally and abroad to developing marketing campaigns. He is regularly featured in print and packaging trade magazines on innovation. Bob is a competitive cyclist and longtime member of the Century Road Club Association in Central Park, competing in the Empire State Games (2007, 2008). Bob graduated from the University of Denver.
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