Saving the USPS: The War on Capitol Hill

This Reuters article does a particularly good job of outlining the battles on Capitol Hill that will be fought on behalf of the USPS crisis.  In summary:

  • The Democrats, led by President Obama’s plan, want to cut Saturday delivery, restructure the mandate that outrageously overfunds USPS pensions, and offer retirement incentives rather than massive layoffs (jobs, jobs, jobs) plus — wait for it — sell non-postal items.  Tall latte, anyone?
  • The Republicans’ bill, led by Republican Darrell Issa who is chairman of the House of Representatives Oversight Committee, is against revamping the prepayment or returning retirement fund money, and instead relies on more aggressive cuts, operational restructuring and workforce reduction.  It may also “phase out delivery to front-door mail slots” (though, personally, I don’t know where else the mail would be delivered if not to the front door).

As an excellent illustration of how the unresolved USPS crisis is affecting businesses nationwide, shares of eBay, Inc. fell more than 6% this month.

At Conformer, we’ve done our part to return greater volume to the USPS mail stream through innovative packaging designs that manage customer postal costs, but this crisis is so much bigger than any one company can fix.  How do you think the USPS financial crisis should get resolved?

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