Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Takes on the USPS Crisis

Jon Stewart is so good at what he does that I’ll just let him speak for himself.  He delivered 6 minutes of pure comedy last night on the Daily Show in his commentary about the USPS financial crisis.    Here’s the video:

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Jon Stewart’s Top One-liners:

  • On the USPS shutting down altogether this winter if Congress doesn’t take fast action:  “All it takes is major and fast congressional action?  Let’s just shut that (bleep!) down now and get it over with.”
  • On the Postmaster General Pat Donahoe: “That guy?  That guy looks like he manages a Staples.  Oh, I’m being told that he basically manages a poorly run Staples.”
  • On Senator Claire McCaskill’s suggestion to reinvigorate first-class letter volume by initiating a marketing campaign the value of sending a written a letter to someone you love: “That is the most masterful Jedi-mother guilting I have ever heard.  Claire McCaskill entered the fact that her children don’t write her enough into the Congressional record!  Right now millions of Jewish mothers are giving her a standing ovation.”
  • “Why don’t we just use stamps as adhesive tape?  I just fixed this rip, and it only cost me five dollars (in stamps).”

-Sari McConnell at smcconnell@conformer.com

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