Colbert Blames USPS’ Bad Business Model on Ben Franklin

Nobody puts it quite like Stephen Colbert.  Needless to say, his take on the USPS financial crisis is quite unique.  He devoted at least half of his show to the topic.  Enjoy his commentary below or read on for the best highlights:

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USPS Highlights from the Colbert Report:

“If it’s really first-class mail, why doesn’t my letter get a complimentary cocktail and a hot towel?”

“That’s right. The survival of the post office depends on swift Congressional action. Kisses and waves… Goodbye!”

“Remember, Ben Franklin was the first Postmaster General. So clearly, the whole idea is the mad ramblings of a syphilitic brain. [Colbert impersonating Ben Franklin:]  ‘I know, I’ll glue a pretty little picture on the upper right hand of an envelope. I’ll drop it in a box and two days later it will appear in another box magically across the country. Then I shall fly a kite in a thunderstorm.’” (Watch the video to see Colbert’s final punch line.)

“What kind of business model is the Forever stamp? That’s like Chili’s with their bottomless Coke. By the way, I’ll be back tonight, Chili’s. Daddy’s still thirsty.”

“We do not even need the post office any more, right? Blackberrys are way better. You can’t play BrickBreaker on an envelope… And if grandma wants to send you five dollars, she can FedEx it. Although you might want to send her the five dollars back so she can cover the FedEx $15 minimum.”

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