Postcard: On a Personal Note

I’ve undertaken a major cleanup of my garage, with a special focus on the boxes of untouched keepsakes that move with me over time.

Photos, yes.  But I didn’t anticipate the letters.  What a find!  I found a series of postcards from my  grandmother’s world travels sent to me as a little girl.  I don’t remember ever reading these.  To see her handwriting and to hear her voice in these notes now that she’s passed away is such a gift.  My storage methods haven’t done these keepsakes any favors but fortunately I’m addressing that just in time.

My husband took a routine business trip to Asia this week, and I told him to send our kids a postcard.  Ephemeral emails and texting erase all future possibility of discovering these important connections again somewhere down the road.

So put a postcard in the mail.  Who knows when it might turn up again?

-Sari McConnell at

About Sari McConnell

Sari oversees strategic partnership opportunities and heads up Conformer’s San Francisco office. Sari was formerly the managing director of a venture-backed music and multimedia agency in San Francisco and New York. She began her career in brand management at Hallmark Cards, Clorox, and LeapFrog. Sari is an appointed member of the Bay Area Regional Council of Northwestern University and is an active volunteer at her children’s schools. She received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and her B.A. from Northwestern University as well.
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