10,000 Solutions: Use Your Best Bait When Fishing

We all know how difficult it is to get business these days.  Those of us in the printing business have to be ready to provide our clients with anything they want printed.  I think it’s clear that we need to do more.  We need to find a way to set ourselves apart from the competition.  It’s called the “differentiator.”

We know something about a lot of things, but we also know a lot about a few things.  Put your best bait on the hook, and give it a good toss.  It’s a great way to pull in a big fish.

by Marv Makofsky

Marvin Makofsky’s “10,000 Solutions” series reveals tips and tricks he has learned in his 38 years (10,000 days) of working on the bleeding edge of the printing and packaging industry.

About Marv Makofsky

Marvin spearheads Conformer’s R&D and product development initiatives. Marvin invented Conformer’s original patented construction and continues to broaden Conformer’s intellectual property portfolio. Under Marvin’s leadership, Conformer won the print industry’s most coveted Benny Award (2011), following a Printing Excellence and Knowledge (PEAK) award for ‘Best New Envelope’ (2005) and Grand PEAKs for five ensuing years. Marvin has been featured on CNN Radio, Newsday and trade publications as an industry visionary. A longtime community leader, Marvin currently oversees the “Plant-A-Row for the Hungry” program. Marvin graduated from Babson College.
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