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Last week was big.  I am still recovering from it.

Sari and I were invited to Atlanta to present Conformer in the context of the book Blue Ocean Strategy to the Envelope Manufacturers Association.  It was a great opportunity for us to spin the wheels on our re-branding strategy in front of 300+ CEO’s of the biggest envelope manufacturers in the country.

To reinforce our new branding effort, we launched a new and radically improved website with the help of Jonathan Jaffe and his team.  Take a look at our new website, and you will notice one striking difference.  Besides the new graphics and copy, you will discover the word “expansion” has been scrubbed clean off the site.  Why, you ask?  As Sari wrote a few weeks ago, we did this because the word “expansion” is just a small part of the value our products deliver, yet the word “expansion” has become almost a liability for customers who dismiss the other Conformer benefits altogether because they don’t think they’re in the market for an expansion product.


The new website is exciting.  We have pulled together a lot of cool Web 2.0 technology.  You will find a completely re-worked site map allowing us to present new information efficiently and clearly.  You will find new product photos and powerful product videos, and we integrated this blog into the site.  You will also find deeper corporate history, executive team bios, and an all new “How It Works” section.  We now have full connectivity to Web 2.0 tools like Digg, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Dig in, have a read, and let us know what you think.

by Bob Makofsky

About Bob Makofsky

Bob runs operations and marketing and is Conformer’s resident postal expert. Bob has over a dozen years of entrepreneurial experience in the technology industry, in both marketing and business development roles ranging from negotiating $100 million-plus contracts nationally and abroad to developing marketing campaigns. He is regularly featured in print and packaging trade magazines on innovation. Bob is a competitive cyclist and longtime member of the Century Road Club Association in Central Park, competing in the Empire State Games (2007, 2008). Bob graduated from the University of Denver.
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