Gusseted Mailers: Lower Your Expectations and You’ll Be Fine.

I’m about to debunk a HUGE myth in the gusseted envelope world…so get ready for it.

Traditional Gusseted Board Mailer

When you see the product claim “expands up to 1 inch,” it doesn’t necessarily mean you have 1” capacity for materials. The top half of the envelope may hold an inch, but the bottom holds only half of that.  This discrepancy means that it has ½” total capacity. Why buy twice the envelope, only to use half of it?

The only honest way to measure the total expansion of an envelope is by its total capacity, which is the amount that the entire envelope holds throughout its footprint.

I won’t dwell on the other failings of the gusseted construction at the moment. You don’t have the resources to waste on an archaic product. Am I right?

Conformer Paperboard Mailer with true 1" capacity

Conformer Paperboard Mailer with true 1" capacity

Conformer believes that great construction is the key to keeping your costs down, your environmental claims strong, while getting superior versatility. And our product claims deliver as promised.

by Sari McConnell

About Sari McConnell

Sari oversees strategic partnership opportunities and heads up Conformer’s San Francisco office. Sari was formerly the managing director of a venture-backed music and multimedia agency in San Francisco and New York. She began her career in brand management at Hallmark Cards, Clorox, and LeapFrog. Sari is an appointed member of the Bay Area Regional Council of Northwestern University and is an active volunteer at her children’s schools. She received her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and her B.A. from Northwestern University as well.
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