Hall of Shame #1: Another Reason to Banish Bubble Mailers

Welcome to the first installment of our monthly “Hall of Shame.”  We receive mailings that frequently make us scratch our heads. Basic errors, packaging failures, over-spending, under-spending… You get the point.

Our first entry into the Hall of Shame is a classic. News flash, folks: bubble mailers do not protect paper. They are too flexible. They are expensive. And they always arrive looking like they were run over by a truck.

As you can see from this example, the presentation folder was crumpled, and the sides are heavily damaged.

Sales Kit that came in a bubble mailer

Sales kit mailed in a bubble mailer

Expensive mailing arrives damaged

Expensive mailing arrives damaged

Note: To protect the anonymity of those involved, we have made our best efforts to disguise the identities of our Hall of Shame nominees.

by Bob Makofsky bmakofsky@conformer.com

About Bob Makofsky

Bob runs operations and marketing and is Conformer’s resident postal expert. Bob has over a dozen years of entrepreneurial experience in the technology industry, in both marketing and business development roles ranging from negotiating $100 million-plus contracts nationally and abroad to developing marketing campaigns. He is regularly featured in print and packaging trade magazines on innovation. Bob is a competitive cyclist and longtime member of the Century Road Club Association in Central Park, competing in the Empire State Games (2007, 2008). Bob graduated from the University of Denver.
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  1. mike heatley says:

    Hall of Shame – Great idea –

    A mailer only gets one chance to make that critical first impression. Granted, as makers of High Definition full color custom envelopes we at Colortree are a biased. We remain steadfast in the belief that envelopes featuring full color, evocative images and perfectly executed designs have real value. Its not always easy to quantify this – but satisfied repeat customers would seem to indicate the benefits are real.

    P.S. – We welcome input (pro or con) from anyone with data related to the impact of full color carrier envelopes on open rates.

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