Important Facts about Conformer’s Four Key Benefits

360° perimeter protection, with protective corners that triangulate like a box and produce a nice snug fit.
A Conformer product is stronger overall because our glue lines sit in a more resilient place inside the score lines.

Capacity only when you need it, since the score lines expand to fit only what’s inside.
Uniform capacity throughout the Conformer product results in a better fit with a maximum capacity that outrivals the marketplace.

Professional Looking:
A nice sleek look, because our products lay flat even as capacity increases.
Made from exceptionally print-friendly materials, Conformer products replace ordinary products that just don’t print well or at all.

Environmentally Friendly:
Less material, sustainably harvested and recycle-friendly material, and frequently reusable too.  
Conformer products are never oversized, they’re ‘just-right’ sized. That means that our products don’t need excess material to do the job. And we’ve carefully chosen substrates that are FSC-certified (from sustainably harvested forests), recycled, or both. And because our products are built to last, Conformer products are reusable, and in the end are easily recyclable.

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