How Conformer Products Work

The Conformer construction solves a lot of problems. Take a close look, and you’ll notice the dynamic interaction of three key features:

  • Glue Lines – Vertically-oriented glue lines glued almost to the bottom edge.
  • Score Lines – Precisely-placed score lines. Note that the aforementioned glue lines are placed inside these score lines.
  • Corners – Overlapping, unglued corners that triangulate like the corner of a box.

Working together, these features create a superior product with Four Key Benefits:

  • More Durable – 360° perimeter protection
  • More Functional and Versatile – Holds a little or a lot
  • More Professional Looking – Stays flat even as capacity increases
  • More Environmentally Friendly – FSC certified, recycled stock, less material and reusable

Read on for more important facts about these four key benefits.