Fatal Flaws of Ordinary Envelopes, Mailers, Portfolios, and Folders

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Ordinary folders and mailers do not have uniform capacity.
Ordinary corners have much less capacity than the center, and dictate the product’s overall capacity.  You can super size the whole product, but this results in unintended consequences like shifting and damaged contents, excess material waste, and additional fulfillment and postage costs.

Inserting your contents into ordinary products can be challenging.
Tight corners mean both automated and manual fulfillment can be a bear. The slower the throughput to get your contents inside, the more expensive the fulfillment costs.

Ordinary mailing products can cost a lot more at the post office.
These days, the post office factors in both size and weight to determine your mailing cost. And did we mention flexibility requirements too? So oversized mailers, thick bubble mailers, and inflexible small boxes all cost a lot more in postage.

Ordinary capacity products aren’t versatile unless you like compromises.
There are plenty of high capacity design tricks out there–think gusseted envelopes, box pocket folders, oversized bubble mailer or Tyvek® sacks, If you fill these products to the max, you’re fine. But most projects only need some capacity, and the excess capacity works against you. For example:

  • Box pockets warp the entire folder if they aren’t filled.
  • Gusseted envelopes leave lots of room for internal shift, damaging the contents.
  • Oversized Tyvek means wrapping and taping down the material around the contents. What’s its first and lasting impression? Not professional and not eco-friendly.

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